Omega's Five Olympic Rings - Limited Edition of Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympic Game

As the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, Omega has been launching limited edition for the world's largest sports event – Olympic Game. With the coming of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Game, Omega has launched some new watches, which are the new Omega speedmaster special for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Don't search for these watches on domestic Omega websites unless you live in Japan. The special Omega Speedmaster model of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is the Japanese exclusive model (only available in Japan), but in today's world, if you want to get it, the regional exclusive watch is also borderless.


In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Omega decided to make the speedmaster series a special watch series. The new Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games series includes five watches, which are based on the classic professional moonwatch (sapphire crystal version). The design inspiration comes from the five colors of the Olympic flag, blue, yellow, black, green and red rings depicting five continents.


The basic specifications of the limited edition of the new Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be familiar to all: 42mm asymmetric case, drawing and polishing, external speedometer scale on the bezel, calibre 1861 hand wound 3-6-9 chronograph, 3-chain steel bracelet. There are no really new elements at this level, except the use of color, the two tone dial and bezel versions, and the design of steel and gold. One difference from the ordinary sapphire crystal version of the moon watch is that it has a solid steel back printed with the Tokyo 2020 logo on its back.


It must be emphasized that the new Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games series will only be sold in the official Omega boutique in Japan, and can also be viewed on the official website of Omega in Japan. However, globalization does have its advantages, and anyone who really wants it may find a way to get it. Each color is limited to 2020 pieces, plus 55 sets of all five watch sets, a specific display box and five extra belts. The price of pure steel model is 680400 yen (about 5240 Euro), and the price of steel combined with gold model is 842400 yen (about 6490 Euro).



Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games blue - 522.


The first one is blue (Reference No. 522. This design is very familiar to many Speedmaster fans. The overall design is very similar to the features of 2006 Gemini IV Limited Edition (Reference No. 3565.80.00). In fact, it has the same combination: a steel case, a blue bezel, and a blue drawing dial with a white counter. We can appreciate some differences, including the red Speedmaster logo, the extended application index, the silver time counter and the red second hand.


The blue panda model of Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is very attractive. It feels very different from the usual black dial model. As Gemini IV is becoming more and more rare and expensive in the second-hand market, this may be a good opportunity to get a blue dial Speedmaster.



Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympics yellow - 522.


The second watch in the series of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is the yellow ring on the Olympic flag. In this combination, Omega did not use wild bright yellow dial, but chose more luxurious gold, using the two-tone color scheme of gold and steel. Reference 522. Classic Moonwatch, but added steel and gold look around, with gold pusher, crown and bezel. Its design is reminiscent of Apollo 15 35th anniversary edition (reference 3366.51.00).


The dial uses the same theme, a black metal plate with a glittering gold color, rings, pointers, indexes and all print for the counter, and of course the red Speedmaster logo.



Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympics black (panda) - 522.


The watch, which represents the black ring on the Olympic flag, is sure to be the main spokesperson of the Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympic series, because it is not really black (otherwise it will be a simple moonwatch), but a panda dial. Speedmaster connoisseur will recognize a similar Apollo 11 35th anniversary in 2004 (reference 3569.31.00). However, there must be some differences.


522. has an extended index and a red Speedmaster logo. The panda dial is converted into a Silver Opal dial and a black counter, combining a classic black frame with a steel case. This is a rare opportunity, but also a very good opportunity to add a panda Speedmaster into your collection.



Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympics Green - 522.


For the green version, the choice of Omega remains ingenious. Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games green, reference number 522., uses the combination of steel and gold design - this propeller, crown, bezel and all the pointer, index and sub counter rings use Sedna gold (Omega's own rose gold).


The dial is a dark gray tone. Green only appears on the bezel, with gold engraving on the dark green background. The dial is printed in black, while the Speedmaster logo is still red.



Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympics red - 522.


The red ring of the Olympic flag is evoked in the limited edition of Omega Speedmaster 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, reference 522. Once again, Omega avoids the completely saturated dial and adopts more cautious colors and unprecedented design. In addition to the Olympic red ring, this design is not difficult to remind you of the national flag of Japan, the host country of the 2020 Olympic Games.


The main novelty is sandblasting light gray dial and silver function dial and pointer. There is red on the insert of the bezel and the Speedmaster logo on the dial.



Technical specification - Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 Olympic Game

Case: 42mm diameter - stainless steel or two tone steel and gold, drawing and polishing - solid steel case - sapphire crystal, dome - 50m waterproof

Movement: calibre Omega 1861 - hand winding - 3Hz frequency - 48 hours power reserve - Integrated cam operated chronograph with central second, 30 minute counter and 12 hour counter - hour, minute and small second

Bracelet: 3-chain steel bracelet, drawing and polishing - folding clasp

Reference: 522. - Steel / blue

522. - steel and gold / Black

522. - Steel / Panda

522. - steel and gold / Green

522. - Steel / red

Supply: Japan only

Limited to 2020 units per model

At the same time, a set of 5 watches, limited to 55 sets


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