Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down - Different Way To See the Time

Is it possible to create a new and interesting way of showing time that can be worn in a variety of environments and that the market will still like years later? I believe Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down should be the answer.

The movement and its complications are highly innovative, beautifully executed and very robust. One side of the movement can be seen, and the most obvious feature is the 12 Maltese cross mechanism connected to the small hour indicator inserted into the dial. Two little fingers on the cross recess at 10 o'clock (just above the "O" in "Ludovic"), and one more finger on the inner edge of the cross at 9 and 11, ready for the mechanical in the center when 11 o'clock comes The device will work.

The snail cam that rotates every hour, then the top left fingertip, is held in place by a spring in the bottom center. When the point of the cam and the finger intersect, the finger snaps a notch in the ridged ring on the edge, which activates the jump-time indication. Viewed from the dial side, the current hour indicator is face up and shows a small dot to draw the eye, while all the other hour indicators, unsurprisingly, are upside down.

The captivating visuals don't stop there either. It offers a unique platinum B-shaped buckle. These days, it's almost a cliché to claim that a sophisticated watch can be paired with jeans, but the Upside Down of this color combination does.

With a diameter of 41mm and a height of 11mm, the lugs have a pronounced curve and are also very comfortable on the wrist

Falling in love with this watch is simple:

- You like the look of the watch

-Despite knowing exactly how it works, every time you put it on, you still sit there with a smile on your face and ask, "How did he do it?"

- The combination of a classic look and creative pieces is perfect as a collector or you are looking for something "different" that will stand the test of time

Functions: hours (indicated by a jumping rotating disc), minutes, small seconds

Case: Platinum or red gold, 41 x 11 mm

Dial: Coated Titanium

Movement: Hand-wound Ballouard Calibre B01, based on Peseux 7001 gear train and barrel geometry, with patented jumping-hours complication; 21,600 vph, 36-hour power reserve

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