Vianney Halter DEEP SPACE TOURBILLON (Purple)
Vianney Halter DEEP SPACE TOURBILLON (Purple)
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Vianney Halter DEEP SPACE TOURBILLON (Purple)

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Type: Triple-axis central tourbillon wristwatch
Functions: hour, jumping minute, triple-axis tourbillon
Size: 46 x 48 x 20 mm
Material: Titanium
Movement: in-house developed
Calibre: VH113
Balance frequency: 21'600 v.p.h.
Components: 317 parts
Jewelling: 41 rubies
Winding: manual
Power reserve: 60 hours
Total weight: 90 gr

In 2011, Vianney Halter was awarded  « Best watchmaker-designer » at the GPHG.
He considered that as an honor and it kindled his creativity.
Vianney then developed a new concept, inspired by Space exploration.

Since early childhood his imaginary universe has always been cultivated by all the influences that he has received when reading science publications, Science-Fiction novels, as well as watching space travel TV series and movies.

He had in mind images of a unique item and set his mind towards making it real.

To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new lifeforms and civilisations have, at all time, held a great fascination and motivated Mankind.
For antiquity sailors, marine chronometers were the supreme time instruments that made possible exploration of seas. They were also means to keep a link with homeland.
Space: the final frontier... what would be the ultimate time instrument if the mission were to boldly go where no man has gone before?

2013: Vianney Halter presents his new timekeeping device, the Deep Space Tourbillon.
A Four-dimension representation of the universe, as a reminder of our own earthly familiar reference frame: Length, Width, Height…. and Time, materialized by a huge central 3 axis tourbillon and surrounded by the display of time.
Two curved blued titanium hands lean from the watch periphery and spread above the tourbillon and the solid engraved silver ring dial.
A sapphire dome 40,6 millimeters in diameter covers the circular titanium case and highlights the tourbillon in all its details.
The rotation periods of the 3 axis of the tourbillon are respectively 40 seconds, 6 minutes and 30 minutes. Due to these desynchronized revolution speeds, the tourbillon moves in a never-ending ballet, displaying second after second a new perspective into the depths of the complex mechanism.